We have created Co-Op Dining with the aim of providing our guests with an opportunity to experience a regional degustation menu, in modern surroundings with a non pretentious atmosphere.   The menus are based on 5 or 10 courses with the emphasis on wild foraged foods and produce from Western Australian, passionate,  responsible farmers and small family run suppliers. All produce is sustainable, organic or biodynamic and is premium quality. We do not cut deals with big commercial companies to lower our food costs, meaning the producers receive the price for their produce they deserve. We are always looking for new produce  and are doing our best to promote the terrific food culture in Western Australia.

AAllium is Latin for Garlic.
Triquetrum means three cornered and refers to the flowering stem and base of the leaf blade which are triangular in cross section.
Three-cornered Garlic is a translation of the Latin name and refers to the triangular stem and garlic odour of the plant.Three-cornered Garlic has a tuft of soft basal leaves arising annually in late winter from a small, pale bulb. The 3-angled, strap like leaves may be up to 45 cm long and have a characteristic 'onion' or 'garlic' smell when crushed. The flowering stem, also distinctly 3-angled, is unbranched and topped by a cluster of white drooping bell-like flowers. The drooping, showy flowers are on slender stalks and have 6 white petals that are 1-2 cm long and each petal has a prominent green midline. The flower has 6 stamens and a style which is 3-branched at the tip. 
Native to the Mediterranean Region. Strap like, light green, somewhat succulent with an onion like odour, 2-11 in number (usually 2 or 3) arising near the base of the stem and parting at the same height. Initially erect but soon become weeping.
Blade - 100-500 mm long by 3-20 mm broad, triangular near the base then flat or concave and keeled on the underside. Somewhat fleshy with 9-15 lengthwise veins. Smooth edges. Hairless. Onion odour when crushed.